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Next Step was born from my FRUSTRATION

When my husband Mark and I first got married I decided I would continue to be known by my maiden name. I saw no need to change it so didn’t bother with it. Then when I fell pregnant with our first child, I decided I'd like for us all to have the same surname. So, armed with my marriage certificate, I paid a visit to the Births, Deaths & Marriages office to inform them that I'd now like to be known as Mrs M instead of Ms J.

That was only the beginning!

The BDM Office kindly advised me that I didn't need to do anything with them as I already had my marriage certificate. All I had to do was update my details with everyone - banks, insurance, real estate etc. Seemed simple enough. IT TOOK ME OVER A YEAR! Every business had a different procedure. Some were done online, some had to be done in person, some were emailed, some made the information impossible to find, some I forgot about until receiving mail from them months later. All required different forms and supporting documents. It was a time-consuming, nightmare of procedures and paperwork. On venting my frustration to other married friends, I found everyone had similar experiences. I thought there had to be an easier way!
Name Change Kit

Everything you need to update your name EVERYWHERE

There wasn't an easy way to change my name everywhere... So we made one

Not long after I'd finished the nightmare that was changing my name, Next Step was born. We discover that a whopping 67% of people took 3 months or longer to fully complete their name change. Almost 10% of people took more than a year to complete their name change!!! The statistics don’t lie, before Next Step was born the majority of people found name change to be a giant, time-consuming hassle. We spent literally years researching policies and procedures of organisations and businesses around Australia in order to compile our extensive, regularly updated database. My hope is that the weeks and months after the wedding are a joy as brides and grooms start this new phase of their lives together, not a stressful mess of paperwork and procedure. Let us help you to make your name change quick, and easy. 


Vicki McMurtrie

Vicki is a Qualified JP and loving mother of two that asked the question "Why is updating my name and address so difficult"... And with that, she set off on the mission to make Next Step an answer to this.