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If your clients are changing their name or address we want to connect with you to bring value to their experience.

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Marriage Celebrant – NSW
Affiliated with Next Step since October 2016

Yvonne Byrne


Marriage Celebrant & JP – NSW
Affiliated with Next Step since October 2016

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Marriage Celebrant – NSW
Affiliated with Next Step since October 2016

How We Help Your Clients

Next Step is your client’s answer to the hassle of paperwork after changing their name or address.


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About Our Service


  1. Easy Name and Address Change
  2. A Service For All
  3. Fast and Secure
  • We have spent countless hours creating a thorough database of forms and procedures to update name and address details with over 700+ entities

  • Catering to all budgets. From our name and address guide to our full Concierge service, we can help as little or as much as the customer wants.

  • The whole process only takes about 10 minutes and our inbuilt security keeps data and payment secure.

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